Al-Muhanna for Real Estate Investment is one of Al-Muhanna bright stars in the real estate investment market within the Kingdom and the Middle East which was founded in 1993. Because of the remarkable way of thinking, creativity and quality known about Al-Muhanna Group to achieve a difficult equation, where a combination of quality, beauty, and taste of the high innovation, the wonderful architectural level, and good planning, optimum utilization of space, and the environmental side consideration while maintaining the accuracy of implementation and the respect of the time limits specified for the implementation and the delivery of projects, The company always strives to be proactive to all new innovations even up to the level that satisfy its clients ……Satisfying customer requirements and winning their trust to ensure that all specifications set forth are the most important company goals.
success can be measured not only by the financial access , but also by the quality of services , investment projects, real estate and the innovative customer’s benefits. The company’s logo is not for sale, but for the investment in sales. customer confidence in the quality of the performance and commitment of the company is the real investment .To implement and achieve these special privileges at the time of investment, which has become one of the most important real estate investment and service sectors in the Kingdom and the Middle East resulting from the new legislative changes in the Kingdom and rapid population growth in many countries of the Middle East, the company must select excellent consultants, engineers based on feasibility studies on the projects,Planners, professionals and workers efforts should be taken into consideration to strengthen , stabilize the presence of the company and its success and continue to expand their presence on the plan of the real estate investment in the Middle East under the spot light of strong competition in the real estate market. There are a lot of the tombstones and monuments which confirm those successes where the company is implementing a number of projects in many countries of the Middle East .The most important services provided by Al-Muhanna for Real Estate Investment are :
1- Establishment of the housing ,commercial and office units .
2-Buying and selling various types of real estate facilities inside and outside the Kingdom.
3- Establishment , operation, development and maintenance projects, whether residential, commercial or official.


Ebreez Al Muhanna Group
Almuhanna Office-3, Ground Floor,
Ramada by Wyndham Dubai Barsha Heights Bldg.
56, Al Fosool Street, Barsha Heights, Dubai UAE
Phone: +971 42432961
PO Box: 95402