Gold Factoring

Gulf Factory for the Formulation of Gold Different kinds is a first ling achievement of Al-Muhanna large group that was up built in 1967 , and thus it is considered as the oldest Kingdom factory in the field of Gold’s industry and formulation. The Gulf factory has been the only activity of Al-Muhanna group for ten years , followed by other different group achievements. What Gulf Factory for the Formulation of Gold Different Kinds has achieved of success encouraged the founders to start other variety of investments serving and working on the development of the kingdom’s economy. The Factory’s production varies between all different types of golden jewelery, designers, works vaccinated with precious stones, diamonds, golden watches , other distinctive manufactures , and also sale and purchase of precious stones and other precious metals……

Gulf Factoryfor the Formulation of Gold Different Kinds has a widespread reputation, not only at the local level within the kingdom but also at the Middle East level. Because of what the factory produced of unique and innovative jewelery designs , it adds more sparkle and magic upon the gold, which gives the one wearing unique and unmatched shine . In addition to the designs inspired by the customers ‘ tastes and desires, the Factory ‘s experts and technicians also enjoy a great creative level which urges the Factory to compete the jewelery of global brands fiercely . As a result, the excellence of the Factory in different fields goes back to the availability of all required possibilities and means for raising the level of production to the maximum possible degree as the Factory is provided with the latest high-technologies supporting the work of the skilled technicians.

What distinguishes the factory than others is its permanent diligence on the part of the work team in order to satisfy all customers’ desires as they are always keen on the quality of products. Consequently, quality, elegance and magic touches are the main outputs of diligent works and sustained efforts supported by long experience over forty years and the professional experience prior to the factory establishment up to two hundred years ago. For this, the factory becomes one of the development pillars in the kingdom.

In conclusion, We know that we are not the only factory in this field, but we keep on our efforts and strive severely to reach the best ever.