Car Renting

Al-Muhanna for Renting Cars is one of the foundations set by Al-Muhanna that started working in 1987. The company illustrates the investments of Al-Muhanna Group and is chosen by the group to be a new extended work area and a service field which serves a wide variety of clients.

Over twenty years of Al-Muhanna history, Al-Muhanna for Renting Cars gives more care to meet the different needs of customers .

Al-Muhanna for Renting Cars leases cars for many governmental and private bodies as well as individuals . Al-Muhanna owns a huge cars fleet that has different species and sizes of modern and distinctive cars fitting all customers needs and all different uses . The fleet is supported by a team of technicians ,workers and drivers who provide excellent service and periodic maintenance of all vehicles to ensure efficiency , integrity , safety and comfort for customers. Moreover, the company extends 24 hours for offering its services and car renting service with drivers or not according to the client’s need .

The company has purchased recently a fleet of luxury cars launched in 2008 and has leased for major government agencies and private business in the kingdom . Al-Muhanna for Renting Cars provides distinguished services to their clients with very affordable costs.
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