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Real Estate

Al-Muhanna for Real Estate Investment is one of Al-Muhanna bright stars in the real estate investment market within the Kingdom and the…More details

Gold Factoring

Gulf Factory for the Formulation of Gold Different kinds is a first ling achievement of Al-Muhanna large group that was up built in 1967…More details

Trading and Contracting

Al-Muhanna Trading and Contracting Foundation is one of Al-Muhanna group Foundations that was set up in 1976 to be one of the distinctive… More details

Al-Muhanna Car Renting

Al-Muhanna for Renting Cars is one of the foundations set by Al-Muhanna that started working in 1987. The company illustrates the … More details

About us

The first factory of the group that was founded systematically in 1967 is Gulf factory for the Formulation of Gold Different kinds . Concerning its professional history , it precedes the date of the factory establishment by two hundred years and followed by establishment of the trading and contracting foundation. Then the activity of the group is directed to the field of hotels and tourism , which includes the apartments and furnished hotel rooms.

The group also witnesses a further expansion in its fields and activities as it bought a fleet of luxury cars , has leased it for the major governmental and private agencies in the kingdom. Then, the group real estate activity was expanded to include the real estate market within the kingdom , the GCC states , Levant and Egypt .Thus, Al-Muhanna group becomes a multiplicity of activities that serves a wider range of customers seeking to achieve its objectives.

Management Team

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Al-Sheikh / Mohammed Bn Hassan AlMuhanna

Group Founder
He was born in the eastern region ( AlSharqiya) of El Ehsaa city- in Saudi Arab Kingdom ( KSA). He is one of the greatest business men for gold trade in the eastern region “AlSharqiya” and Gulf . He is also the Chairman of Managers Board of the group. He is a self-made person started his life depending on Allah , then his mind and manual skills. He faced a lot of obstacles to maintain the ancestors manufactures , but he overcame all of these obstacles and has become one of the brightest business men in the eastern region (AlSharqiya) having richer fame. He is also a member of the gold committee in the chamber of Commerce.
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Mr. Hassan Bn Mohammad AlMuhanna

General Manager of Al-Muhanna Group
The oldest of three brothers; he was born on 9/5/1975 in Dhahran – Saudi Arabia An outgoing, sociable, a risk-taker, having a leadership spirit; characters, which have made him a very careful person. He has his own unique business management principles and one of his principles is I believe that if there is a person wants to start his/her own business successfully he/she should always work on improving managerial skills because I believe that this is essential for starting a successful business .

When Hassan graduated from high school his father sent him to the United States of America. He studied in the University of Oregon, and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration .

After graduation, Hassan went back to Saudi to manage his father’s properties and business. He works on reorganizing the foundation and has become the General Manager. Hassan is responsible for all the administrative works, the financial management, personnel, and the one who has the authority to hold the Gold Trading and Real Estates major deals. He’s already started his own successful project of renting luxurious cars beside his own Real Estate Deals .

Hassan envisioned to upgrade the level of their foundation to make it a perfect example of a company with prestige of achieving a great income out of high-quality productions
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    Mr. Ali Bn Mohammad AlMuhannah

Al-Muhanna Group Manager of Gold Retai
The middle of three brothers , he was born on 17/6/ 1978 in Alhasa- Saudi Arabia . Ali is a very friendly, smart, and sociable person. He loves challenges . He likes reading books on successful business stories. After high school, Ali obtained several academic courses aboard related to business of Gold Retail.

Eventually, he became the Manager of the Gold Retail for Al-Mohanna Group. His duty is to meet the customers demands with the highest level of satisfaction. He is also responsible for making sure that the factory improves and meets the production according to the current trends and demands. He is supervising and directing the employees in the gold shops in the kingdom.

He wishes Al-Mohanna Group will expand more all over the kingdom with the best qualities in all aspects. He believes that gaining the highest possible success depends on aiming to continue on improving and providing the customers demands that Al-Mohanna Group can give.
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Mr.Hussain Bn Mohammad AlMuhannah

The Assistant General Manager of Al-Muhanna Group
Representative of Al-Mohanna Group in Dubai The youngest of three brothers; he was born on 22/06/1979 in Dahran- Saudi Arabia. Hussain bears the serious-type, confident but positive character, which don’t preclude him to be an outgoing energetic person. He is so keen learning new things in business and he believes that the more a man learns the more he can impart perfectly. After high school graduation, his father sent him to the United States of America to complete his higher education. Fortunately Hussain was granted Government scholarship.He then joined the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2000. He graduated in 2004 with Double Major in Management Information System (MIS) & International Business. Immediately after going back to Saudi, Hussain started to work in Al-Muhanna Group with his father and brothers as an Assistant General Manager. and he is also the Representative of the owner of Al-Mohanna Group in Dubai. Being so dedicated and concerned to the family’s business he has taken several courses such as Business skills, Entrepreneurship, architecture etc… to meet the business’ needs. Hussain is looking forward to obtaining a Master Degree, and his aspiration is to make Al-Mohanna Group Internationally competitive in the business world.

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